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    Stitch® strives to be the only company you will see with such precise attention to detail, all the way down to the last stitch.


    Stitch® was founded in 2012, and since inception, has aimed to produce the best quality, the greatest fit, along with the most functional products to supply our customers with the finest in the industry. Stitch® products have evolved over time from the original leather head cover – to now offering a variety of bags such as our new lightweight golf bags and our unique ultimate garment bag (UGB™).


    From golf expertise to deep apparel experience, Founder, Charlie Burgwyn, and the Stitch Team have the knowledge and capability to make sure they are producing the most unique and innovative products in order to present something completely exclusive and like none other in the market.


    Stitch® prides itself in details. Other than the detailed stitching that gives Stitch® it’s name, Stitch® also pays attention to high quality exclusive materials including durable waterproof fabric, fashionable color schemes, and even offers personalization designs completed in house at our headquarters located in Cary, North Carolina.


    Here at Stitch® , we aim to give a unique experience whether it is the name of our products, the blend of wool used in our head covers, or the history of a particular lot of leather. The designs that Stitch® produces are all unique and created to impress. 


    The Stitch® Team hopes you enjoy our products and thanks you for letting us Dress Your Game™. Stay tuned as we unveil many new products!


     - The Stitch® Team