Stitch, The Company

Founded 2012 | It's all about the details

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Stitch was founded by Charlie Burgwyn in 2012 and is the product of his passion for golf, fashion and functional beauty. For Charlie, it’s all about the details. Stitch represents a precise focus on great design, quality and fit, with emphasis on innovation and fun. The name? Stitch finds its inspiration in the detail that makes its head covers most unique—whether wool, leather or another fine fabric or material, it’s all about the stitching.

In line with the trend toward smaller golf bags, Stitch head covers are designed with a slimmer fit and great functionality. Lines and color are both timeless and on-trend, informed by our founders’ expertise in fashion. For example, our 2014 line reflects many of the same colors you’ll be seeing in architecture, home and fashion—neutral, 43 cool colors like navy blue, grey and black and pops of accent colors to keep it interesting.

Our head covers are available in 1200 green grass locations across the country, including 85 of the top 100 courses, as well as many top retailers. Overseas demand has been extraordinary; we have distributors in Japan, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and South Korea, with more on the way including the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

Stitch has also created custom covers for many of the Major events across the country. The Company recently finished custom covers for Presidents Bush, Clinton and Obama. Ask us about making a mark with a special Stitch head cover for your event!

We love what we do and we enjoy finding other innovative, high-quality products that fit neatly alongside Stitch on our site, in your bag and in your golf game. These include a high-tech divot tool, engineered of aircraft aluminum.

We offer these products like this on the site and are constantly seeking to add others that make a statement and pair well with our Stitch brand philosophy.

Stitch…it’s all about the details.